Supportive R&D INCUBATION Foundry



Here is where you can find R&D Support
Product Development
Process Development


 Besides having an in-depth Knowledge of Foundry and Metal Casting Related Topics we keep up a full Non-Ferro Foundry Periphery for Sand Casting -including Clay Bond + Cold Box-, Permanent Mold, Ceramic Shell, Lost Foam and CAD/CASTTM Technologies for Product test Casting, Research and Process Development.

 Thus we are able to deliver Fully Developed and Proven Concepts of Processes or Products.

 In other words
In cases of Product Development we actually do hands on experiences on Concepts and Ideas.


If it is needed we Develop a Complete New or Tune an Existing Process to the Product. 

We don’t intent to keep this for ourselves.

So, if you are an O.E.M. Developing New Products to be Cast in Large Series who could use a Sparring Partner in Product Development or just in need of Series Identical Prototypes….
We have the mission to help you out.

Please, consider our Incubation Foundry at Your Service.

With the outcome of your Developed Project we communicate with your own Production Foundry (any Foundry of your choice) or we help you finding a Foundry Production Source Globally.

 Consequently, you are also welcome to call us if you encounter unsolvable problems with an actual casting.